Human Trafficking Big Business

by Carol Laborde
on October 13, 2016

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Let's talk about sex trafficking and what we can do about it. "The sex trafficking industry is fueled by buyers who pay traffickers to supply victims to meet their demands. Men, women and children from a wide variety of backgrounds are victimized through sex trafficking.  Vulnerability factors that make individuals more susceptible to trafficking include low self esteem, being abused or neglected, poverty, homelessness, being in foster care system,  and identifying as LBGT."  (Shared Hope International, Abolitionist Group)

It's believed that sex trafficking worldwide earns 66% of the global profits of human trafficking, estimated to be a $32 billion industry.  As a volunteer Ambassador of Hope with Shared Hope Int., I am involved with presentations on the prevention of sex trafficking of minors.  Girls are most vulnerable between the ages of 12 and 13.  Prevention is key at this age.  Know the apps on your child's phone....disapppearing text apps are an easy way for your child to communicate with a groomer.  Explain that porn is wrong, creating unrealistic relationships and expectations, frequently using trafficking victims in their movies.  Two apps are useful for ending trafficking:        This app allows you to report suspicious activity on the app and then the information is forwarded to the local task force.  Do not attempt to interfere with what appears to be average trafficker can gross $150,00 on each of the trafficked victims.  You may endanger the victim and yourself.        This app has you take pictures of hotel room you stay in.  It's then sent you a nationwide database which matches pictures if victim's with hotels.  The information is given to local task forces.  
National Human Trafficking Hotline.  1-800-3737888

Carol Laborde
Ambassador of Hope, Shared Hope, Int.