​Spring 2019

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​​Moms Circle​ - Being a mom is filled with joy, stress, tears, sleep deprivation and much more. It is also a time when we need the support of others.  This group will allow you to vent, laugh, cry and make connections with other moms. Babies under 1 are welcome. 

Step-parent Support - Blending a family brings with it a unique set of challenges and wonders, sadly there is no handbook that tells us how to manage the complexities.  This group offers a safe place to discuss issues that we can't always bring to our spouses or families.   Vent, strategize and learn from others while releasing stress and connecting.

Single Parent Support - ​Single parenting is just plain hard. juggling everything that comes with raising kids alone, or co parenting with an ex can be overwhelming.  this group will offer a place to get the much needed support from others who are experiencing similar struggles. Sliding scale 

Parent and Community Groups/Workshops 

Together We Stand is pleased to offer ongoing parenting and community building workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our focus is to assist families and communities in creating bonds with each other that cross racial, religious and cultural barriers with acceptance and appreciation.

​Groups Forming Now for Spring 2019

Talking About Race With Kids - 

In this workshop we will explore how children view the world. We'll examine the different developmental stages and how to incorporate embracing diversity at each stage.  We will also look at different activities to do with children that will allow for a conversation about race. 

Examining Implicit and Explicit Biases and how they affect our Parenting -

This workshop is strictly for parents. We do several exercises that help the participants to identify their biases both conscious and subconscious.  We look at when and where our value systems developed and how they are affecting our families and parenting today and how to build on what’s working and shift what isn’t.