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by Isabel Hallockby Isabel Hallock

on September 18, 2016

Knowledge is the backbone of every community 
And it rests on the tip of every tongue 
The tongue aches after swallowing every word
That is forced back down your throat

When you bare the universe to speak, it transcends its way out
See our ideas are still on a plate set at a table 
But we have to wait for our meals

If I call the last person you spoke to, will they remember what you said like reminiscing on the best meal they have ever had? 
And the will the last person you kiss say that they felt a shotgun to their lips?

Your words fly but even the caged bird sings 
The world is your cage 
But as shakespeare quoted, “All the world’s a stage,”
Like women in 1848 rang out, “Let us vote to pave the way,” 
And who now say “Give us our minimum wage, equal pay,”
Like conservationists yelled for animals rights, “Don’t keep them in a cage,” 
Like black slaves still say “Do not keep them enslaved.”

To turn a new page, we must chant from the worlds we write to in order to speak 
Yo te daré la vida si deja que hablan de correo

I write to speak. 
And now, I speak. 
Now, it’s your turn to speak. 
Give me some new knowledge so I can complete this piece.