​Open Circle

Open Circle holds space for families directly impacted by police terrorism to gather with each other and members of the community. We love and support one another.. This gathering also provides opportunity and some structure to help families collaborate with each other in their struggle for justice for their loved ones.

We meet once a month for a community potluck and thoughtful discussion around police accountability.


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Tws collaborators

Insure the Police

Together We Stand is happy to support the Insure the Police Campaign.

After passage of the Police Insurance Amendment, Minneapolis police officers would be required to carry their own professional liability insurance as a condition of employment.  The city could pay the base rate for insurance premiums, but officers would have to pay for any increases in their premiums due to their complaint or lawsuit history.  Just as bad drivers pay more for car insurance, officers who engage in conduct that hurts the community will pay more for their insurance.  The worst offenders could eventually become uninsurable and would not be able to work for the Minneapolis Police Department.

To learn more, join the campaign, or donate, visit insurethepolice.org.