Together We Stand

Youth Social Justice


TWS believes in empowering youth, particularly black and brown youth who are striving to not only survive but excel in a system that stacks the odds against them.  The majority of our cases have been on behalf of young people of color and this fact has spurred our desire to create a youth social justice program which we will launch in 2019.

The program will be geared towards low income African American youth ages 12-21 in Oakland, California. The program will be a safe place for youth to identify and address the issues they face such as, discrimination, education inequities, socio-economic struggles, police brutality and racial profiling, youth on youth violence and family crises.

We want to not only help youth deal with these realities, we also want to help them develop the knowledge and skills to become agents of change for themselves and their community through civic engagement, activism and community initiatives. Much of this begins with an understanding of where they come from and the history of our people.

We recognize that our youth are struggling and in order to have a successful program we need to provide them the proper support. The daily challenges many youth face can make going past surviving into a space of thriving seem impossible. The program will provide one on one and group mentoring, therapy as well as education. We recognize that in order to build we need to help ensure their basic needs like food, shelter and clothing are met. In order to do so, we will have a resources team in place that will work with other community agencies and organizations to provide the wrap around support needed.

We plan to pilot the program in one location initially, but our hope is that we can offer this program at various schools and community centers throughout Oakland and eventually throughout the country.

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