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By India Elaine Garnett


I am one of the angriest people you will ever meet. Are you surprised?

Where do you think the energy which fuels the Love which I am able to express so consistently, originates?

It is a matter of this energy being used for good. I constantly surrender the anger to the creative conversion to what is life giving—love.

Every day, all day I am programmed to allow the love to flow THROUGH me. It does not come from me. It flows from the Power of The Universe, THROUGH me. We all have the ability to ask for and cooperate with this process—regardless of our philosophic beliefs.

I abhor all forms of inhumanity! Because my Brother and I promised to “live lives of love,” and because I am a follower of Jesus, every day I bow at the Altar of Love. When children are torn from their parents and locked in cages, I become livid! When I survey the panoramic view of the status quo in America I would surely collapse under the weight of the cruelty being foisted upon people for the sake of the insatiable rich and powerful had I not had the humanity to ache for and with others. We are one.

When one person is dehumanized, I am dehumanized. If YOU are dehumanized, I am dehumanized! 💖❤️🙏🏼😎🎶

Love, Justice, Mercy, Truth,

~ India Elaine ~


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