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Updated: Jul 30, 2023

india Elaine

India Elaine Garnett

India Elaine Garnett has extensive experience in pastoral counseling, mentoring, grief, loss and bereavement counseling, healing from racial discrimination and gender issues, and veterans and community issues. From 1985-2013, she designed, implemented and maintained long-term (one to five years) residential programming at the Bethesda Mission Women’s Center, Harrisburg, PA, focusing on services for the whole person -- body, mind and spirit. In her role as Pastor, Counselor and Teacher for the Harrisburg Association, Penn Central Conference of the United Church of Christ (UCC), India established ethical guidelines for staff and residents (guests); spiritual directions and procedures for guests; mandatory reporting procedures; ties with the therapeutic community; relationships with judicial agencies and with local, city and state agencies; policy of requiring State abuse clearances; job descriptions for volunteers; practice of caring for volunteers; procedures and policies for daily operations; screening procedures for children’s needs. She also supervised and trained counseling staff and volunteers; instituted Servant Leadership Model of Care, and performed public speaking and officiating roles for life events. From 1993-2002, India was a Counseling Associate at Susquehanna Institute, with Beck Associates, which offered psychological services through a range of licensed professionals. Her duties included pastoral counseling with focus on diversity, women’s issues, relationships, bereavement and loss, spiritual directions, trauma related to race, ethnicity, handicap/ disability, employment difficulties, child abuse, empowerment and assertiveness trainings and other workshops and seminars with clients who ranged from indigent to well-known professionals. India graduated in 1993 from the Masters of Divinity Program at Lancaster Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania. Awards received include: Outstanding Member of the Community, by Harrisburg Area Community College; Woman of the Year, Local Business Organizations, through Boscov’s; Recognition by US Postal Service workers, Harrisburg, PA.

William Spivey

William Spivey, a Fisk University alum, writes on politics, history, and race to educate those who have been misled on these matters. Sometimes he might mock a politician. Spivey is fluent in sarcasm."

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Sevgi Fernandez

Sevgi Fernandez has worked as a diversity coach/consultant for the past decade both independently through her company Diverse World Coaching, and as Senior Vice President of Race and Cultural Diversity at ARMCGlobal. In 2016 Sevgi founded her nonprofit, Together We Stand, (TWS), which advocates for victims of racism, discrimination and police brutality nationwide. Through grassroots organizing, Sevgi has worked with individuals and organizations across the country empowering black and brown people to affect change in their lives and communities through advocacy, education and legislation. Sevgi has done consulting and workshops on race, racism and bias in a variety of settings from parenting groups to colleges and Fortune 500 corporations.

Together We Stand (TWS)is a nonprofit organization dedicated to dismantling racism and discrimination through advocacy, education and legislation. Founded in 2016, TWS has worked as family advocates on cases of discrimination and police brutality in numerous states across the country and has been influential in changing the lives of many

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