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We Will RISE....the Phoenix from the Flame: a poem of black power and resilience

Credit: Angela Weiss Getty Images

By Sevgi Fernandez

You profile us, beat us, kill our brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers

You use your state given power to murder, beat, rape and demean us with the hope deep inside that you can hold us down, keep us down and stop the inevitable end of your white supremacy

But we are a resilient people,

Kings and Queens destined for greatness and we will have justice BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY

Our history and adversity has bred a strength you cannot imagine or ignore.

Retribution, restitution and the rise of our people is written.

Our knowledge and culture and determination leads us, we will not stand down, we will not stand idly by...

We will rise

We will challenge your system and tear it apart with our love, our tears, our hearts and our determination to honor all those before us who have paid the ultimate sacrifice at the hands of your hate

We will meet you head on, unafraid and willing to pay with our lives if necessary until your system of corruption and protection dies at our hands, as our people have died at yours

Make no mistake the day will come

We will rise, as Kings and Queens

We will rise

Black Power is not just a statement but a reality within each of us, growing each time you attempt to steal our souls and stamp us out, we will rise and meet you head on

Knowledge is POWER and we shall overcome

Black power, Black excellence

Equality, Equity and Freedom are our Future✊🏾

We will RISE 🙌🏾

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